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Please accept Our

Heartfelt Thanks

Dear Birth Parent,

We are humbled by your strength and courage as you envision the life you want for you and your child.  Although we do not know each other yet, we hope that you feel loved and supported throughout this difficult journey.  We admire you for choosing life and considering adoption.  

We believe the role of parenting includes guidance, love, support, encouragement, and respect.  When our dream of becoming parents comes true, we will create opportunities for your child to grow, flourish, and discover who he or she is as an individual as he or she experiences the world around him or her.  We promise to raise your child in a safe and happy home that is filled with love and laughter.  We are committed to provide your child a life of adventure, education, and opportunity.

We thank you for making this selfless decision to spread love from your family to ours.  We are choosing open adoption because it is important to acknowledge and celebrate all parts of our family story.  

We are excited to grow our family and are deeply grateful for the beautiful gift you are choosing for your child.

With Gratitude,
Rob & Tammy

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“Family is not defined by our genes, it is built and maintained through love.”

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