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Movie: The Goonies & The Sandlot
Past Time:  Kayaking, Relaxing at the pool
Sports:  Hockey & Baseball
Food: Pasta & Eggplant Parmesan
Place to Visit:  Hawaii


about Tammy

Tammy is the kind of person that you could meet for the first time and want to become her best friend.  Her charisma could light up a room!  She has a heart of gold, is very compassionate, and her strength and determination can overcome any obstacle.  

Tammy has a very close relationship with her family.  Her parents are her biggest cheerleaders!  They support and encourage her throughout every stage of life.  She loves hanging out with her brother, sister, and all of her in-laws.  She has an incredible bond with her nieces and nephews.  They come to her for guidance, support, and fun!

As an elementary teacher for 17 years, she is dedicated to each and every one of her students.  The impact she makes on her students is undeniable.  She still has former students, who are now adults, keep in contact with her to share their life accomplishments.   Her love and understanding of children are some of the qualities that make her an outstanding educator, and a future mother. 

Tammy loves life!  In her spare time, she enjoys reading, kayaking, and snuggling with our dog Fozzie.  Tammy loves to host gatherings with family and friends.  Whether it's a holiday celebration, a bonfire on Saturday night, or a dinner party, spending time with loved ones is her favorite pastime.

by Rob

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