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Movie:  American  Graffiti
Past Time:  Fishing, Driving his muscle cars
Sports:  Football, Baseball, Hockey
Food: Steak & Seafood
Place to Visit:  Hawaii


about Rob

by Tammy

Three words to describe Rob are hard-working, generous, and caring.  Rob is very handy and can build or fix just about anything.  His generosity is spread to anyone who knows him.  He is always willing to lend a hand to help a neighbor or family member.  

Rob has worked hard to build a successful dealership that sells fleet vehicles.  He began selling vans and school buses out of a small trailer, and over the years, has expanded to a new location with an inventory of over 100 vehicles.  His persistence and dedication have helped to make his business thrive.

He is  a dictionary when it comes to cars.  Not only does he know about a variety of cars, from vintage cars to muscle cars, he can also fix or modify anything under the hood!  He is a true automotive enthusiast!  

Rob is also an avid sports fan.  While growing up, he was an all-star baseball player.  He loves to cheer on the Pirates, Penguins, and Steelers. 

During his free time, Rob loves to fish and golf!  We bought kayaks a few years ago, and on the weekends, we love to go to a nearby lake to go fishing.   In his spare time, he and some neighbors enjoy getting together to play a few rounds of golf.

Family is what is most important to Rob.  He has two brothers and a sister and is very close to his mom and dad.  Not only does he have a great relationship with his family, but he has a very close bond to my family, as well.  We see our families at least once a week for family get togethers, birthday parties, and bonfires.  

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